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Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is one of the biggest parts of getting large shipments for individuals and corporations for business and other shipping services. It’s integral to a business that is overseas, as the product needs to be shipped out in a timely manner or profit could be lost. Here at our freight forwarding services, we provide the best customer service around to make sure that your shipments are on-time and in one-piece.

UMAC Express Cargo Midwest Inc is directly approved by the TSA, letting you know that you are in properly certified hands. You can trust that your package is getting to its destination on time. Our courier services are known to be one of the best around, getting deliveries made in little to no time at all. We are a Philippines cargo service you can trust. We do international shipping, freight shipping and more!

We also offer a shipping service as consolidators, to make sure that you’re getting the proper shipment information done and won’t miss a single piece of cargo. For more information on all of our services, contact UMAC Express Cargo Midwest Inc in Niles, IL today! We are the best cargo service in the area!